Our History

Our History
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The BOURNAZOS name first appeared with a collection created by Dimitris BOURNAZOS IN 1953.

His enormous talent and love for women’s shoes made him an instantly recognizable name in the whole of Athens, Greece.

Within a few years his individual style made his collections instantly recognizable and renowned.

In 1985 his sons: Anastasios and Stamatis launched the brand «anastazi BOURNAZOS» with a collection that was characterized by its eccentric design and use of unusual materials and colours.

The unique feeling of the 2 designers, Anastasios and Stamatis BOURNAZOS, for shoes give their Collections a special liveliness and vividness. Understanding that women have a special relationship with their shoes, the two designers always strive to give them what they desire.

With their extensive knowledge and talent, they create Collections with a wide range of product from “comfort” day-wear to impressive evening-wear.

The «anastazibournazos.com» e-shop is here to offer you high quality shoe products which are aesthetically pleasing, value for money and imaginative design, combining our tradition of personal service to you our Customer!