Terms of Use

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anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» is an electronic shop (e-shop) for the sale of product via the Worldwide Web by the “DERMASAN MON. I.K.E.” Footwear and Leather Goods’s Company (henceforward named as “The Company” or «absolute BOURNAZOS»), domiciled in Athens, Attica, Nikis 4 (VAT ref: 800603335 / Tax Office D ATHENS).

The Company has to mention the Terms & Conditions regarding its liabilities and responsibilities as proprietor of the e-shop located on the electronic site: www.anastazibournazos.com in order to facilitate any user wishing to search for and / or purchase product that is listed on this e-shop.

All transactions that are carried out via «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» are governed by International and European Law which regulates matters relating to electronic commerce (hereby known as e-commerce) as well as the Greek Law relating to the protection of the consumer (Ν. 2251/1994) which regulates matters regarding distance sales.

Please ensure that you agree with the following Terms and Conditions as the use of and viewing of (otherwise known as “surfing”) of the website «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» equals your express and unconditional acquiescence and consent to the following Terms & Conditions.


«absolute BOURNAZOS» maintains the right to unilaterally modify or change these Terms & Conditions regarding the transactions that take place via the e-shop according to its commercial, operational needs and usual way of doing business.

The change of Terms will not affect any orders that are in the course of being executed at the time of any changes being introduced.


Any User can visit (surf) the e-shop of «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» with having to give any personal information (data).  The events which will require personal data to be given (full name, electronic address (hereby known as e-mail address), delivery address for the goods purchased, telephone etc) are, as a general rule, such data that is required in order to successfully complete your order.


The personal data that you declare via the e-shop «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» will be held for the sole purpose of: the commercial completion of your order, communication with you regarding your order and any improvement in the service provided.  The personal data will not be used, or supplied, to third parties (with the exception, where foreseen by Law, to the legal authorities).  The e-shop «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» operates according to the current Greek and European Union (hereby known as EU) legislation and securely keeps all personal data only for the time that you are registered with any service of «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com».  This data is deleted upon the completion of any trading / commercial relationship.

Furthermore, you are able at any time and if there is due reason to make changes to the personal data that you have communicated to the Company and to restrict or cancel the use of some of the data by filling out the relevant electronic form.

«anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» may, from time to time, use the e-mail address submitted by you to inform you of the availability of similar products and services.  In the instance where you do not wish to receive such information / messages, you can send us a cancellation message to the following e-mail address: «eshop@anastazibournazos.com».


Additional personal safety constitutes the user name and personal security code (password) which you submit when you become a member of «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com».  In this way, each time you use them, they provide access to the e-shop with complete security of your personal data.


The «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» e-shop uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.  This particular SSL protocol is, today, the worldwide standard on the web for the certification of websites.  With this technology every element that you enter onto our site is encrypted/codified before its goes ‘online’, in this way protecting your personal data during their transmission.  Furthermore, all information that you send via the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism which automatic verification to ensure that the data has not been tampered with during transmission.

Encryption is, essentially, a codification method of the information (data) up to and until it reaches its intended recipient who can then de-code the data with the suitable / relevant key.


«anastaziBOURNAZOS.com has the possibility to use cookies in order to facilitate the operation of its services on its site.  Cookies are small text files which are sent and are stored by the computer of the user allowing the website, such as «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com», to operate seamlessly and without technical abnormalities in order to collect multiple options of the user, to recognize regular users, to facilitate their access to the e-shop its services and the collection of data in order to improve the content of the website.

Cookies do not provoke any damage to the computer of the user, nor to any data / files that are stored on the user’s computer.  We use cookies in order to provide you with information and to deal with your orders whilst at every exit from our site the cookies are automatically deleted.  You should know that cookies are absolutely necessary in order that our website functions correctly and seamlessly.


«absolute BOURNAZOS» ensures that the information regarding the products that are for sale is complete and valid.  Information regarding each product can be obtained by following the given search instructions on the site and by “clicking” the relevant product. (Information is subject to typographical errors that may have escaped our attention, or have emerged without our knowledge or for reasons relating to the interruption of operation of the site and / or other technical reasons.)

There are indications of current availability for all products which are included on the «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» website.  It has to be stated and made clear that dispatch and delivery times are subject to the availability of the product within our warehouses.  Where product is not available you will be given timely information regarding its availability. 



The «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» e-shop and website and all its content (photographs, text, graphics, services, product, names, images, logos and insignia therein contained or shown – hereby known as the materials) are copyright to the Company and are protected according to the relevant provisions of Greek and EU law.  Hence all use of such material is strictly forbidden unless the relevant written agreement has been previously obtained from and given by the Company.



On the pages of the «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» e-shop you will find information regarding the procedure and steps to be followed in order to complete your order(s) purchase(s).  You will receive useful advice regarding the tracking and correction of possible errors during the process of entering the information concerning your order(s) - for example: the article, the quantity and payment methods etc).

Upon completion of your order we will send you an e-mail (electronic mail) with confirmation that we have received your order, whilst a further e-mail will follow which will inform you of the shipment of your order.


Should you desire to return or replace a product which you have bought from our e-shop you must, in all cases, inform us with seven (7) days following its receipt by you to our e-mail: e-shop@anastazibournazos.com informing us of the reason for the desired return and / or replacement and informing us of a contact telephone number in the same e-mail message.  Following receipt of your e-mail message an employee of the courier / transport company will contact you in order to arrange receipt of the product and its return to our Company.  Alternatively, you can communicate with us via the telephone number: +30 210 923 2059 (Monday & Wednesday 10:00 to 15:00 and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10:00 to 18:00 UTC/GMT +2 (Summer Time UTC/GMT +3) and excluding Greek National Holidays).


Conditions for the return of product:

1. The product must not have been worn / used,

2. The return must be carried out with fourteen (14) calendar days of its proven receipt by the customer / user.

3. The original sales receipt, invoice etc,  must accompany the product.

4.  The product must be returned in its original box and must be in the same condition as it was initially received by the customer complete and without any signs of wear or tear.

In order that the product reaches us in good condition it must be carefully and properly packed to ensure that the product is protected during its transportation.

You have the right to return the product that you have purchased and to request a replacement in the following circumstances:



Where it can be expressly proven that «absolute BOURNAZOS» shipped out to you a different article or size to that which had been ordered.

Goods accepted for return in this case are transported free of charge with Greece.  Where the origination point of the return is outside of Greece charges may apply.


In the circumstance that there is a proven manufacturing defect, you have the right – within 14 calendar days of the initial receipt of the product – to ask for its replacement with same article as originally ordered, or request its replacement with another product(s) up the same value of the amount of the original product bought.  Where a replacement product is chosen that exceeds the original amount paid, any additional costs must be paid for.

Return of goods is free of charge within Greece and only after express agreement has been given by an employee of our Customer Care department (telephone number: +30

210 923 2059 (Monday & Wednesday 10:00 to 15:00 and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10:00 to 18:00 UTC/GMT +2 (Summer Time UTC/GMT +3) and excluding Greek National Holidays).  Where the origination point of the return is outside of Greece charges may apply.



Should you wish to exchange a product that you have bought, please send us an e-mail detailing the article number(s) and size(s) that you wish to replace the original purchase(s) with and one of our Customer Care Team will contact you.  Alternatively, you can phone our Customer Care number: +30 210 923 2059

Should the product have a manufacturing fault or if the size does not fit your foot, you may return it to us within 14 days of original purchase free of charge following confirmation to do so from one of our Customer Care Team.  (This only applies to orders delivered to addresses within Greece and applies to one free return per order and via the courier Companies with which we cooperate.  For product delivered to addresses outside of Greece return charges may apply, please clarify this with our Customer Care Department via e-mail before making any such return.)

The Customer Care telephone line is open during Greek shop hours as follows:

Monday & Wednesday 10:00 – 15:00*

Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10:00 – 18:00*

(*Except for Greek National and Bank Holidays)



You have the right to return a product that you have purchased within 14 days of date shown on the purchase receipt on condition that the product has not been worn or used in any way and is returned in its original packaging.  In such a case you may request a refund up to the amount paid at the moment of purchase for the particular product you wish to return.    

The product subject to such a return may only be returned to us using our nominated courier company.  The return of any monies due in such a case are made either via bank transfer or to the account of the credit card which was used to make the original purchase.  Such payments are normally made within 30 days following the receipt by us of the returned product and subject to it being in its original condition and packaging as previously mentioned.   (All monies returned to bank accounts outside of Greece are subject to the current Capital Controls currently in force.)

Any goods which have been purchased via the e-shop: “anastazibournazos.com” maybe exchanged or returned to any of our physical shops within Greece on condition that an agreement has previously been reached with one of our Customer Service Team via e-mail or by phone:

The Customer Care telephone line is open during Greek shop hours as follows:

Monday & Wednesday 10:00 – 15:00*

Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10:00 – 18:00*

(*Except for Greek National and Bank Holidays)



For any cancellation of order prior to its shipment from our warehouse you must telephone our Customer Care number (+30 210 923 2059) giving the Number issued at Order Confirmation.




All Major Credit cards are accepted.

The use of your credit card to make purchases via the e-shop “anstazibournazos.com” are completely safe as long as you follow the payment instructions give during the check-out procedure.  As soon as you have completed all necessary information in order to complete your order, you will be transferred to the secure payment system of ALPHA BANK AE which is the bank with which we cooperate and you will then be able to enter the details of your credit card.

In order to make a payment you must accurately fill in the relative payment form with your exact name details shown on the card, the number and expiry date of the card as well as the three-figure CVV number shown on the back of the card.

For every purchase the card-holder must the one and the same as the person making the purchase.

  1. CASH ON DELIVERY (COD)  -  This applies to delivery address in Greece only.

Customers with a delivery address in Greece may request Cash on Delivery payment terms (COD, ΑΝΤΙΚΑΤΑΒΟΛΗ in Greek).  In such a case the customer will upon receipt of the package pay the representative of the courier company who is acting on behalf of «absolute BOURNAZOS».  In this case the Customer is liable to a COD service charge of 2.00€ per package sent. 


  1.  PAYPAL

As soon as the Customer has completed all the necessary steps and given all the necessary information to complete the order they will be automatically transferred to the secure Paypal site where they have the possibility of either giving their credit card information or via “login” to their existing Paypal account  and using their stored details.



Our aim is to ship out to you your order within the shortest possible delay following receipt of your order.  


For deliveries with Greece there is no delivery charge for orders above 70€.  For Orders of 70€ and less there will be a 3€ charge for packages up to 2Kg in weight with any extra Kilo, or part kilo, being charged at 1€ per extra Kilogramme.

In the event of a return of the product for a refund (as per clause 4 above)  there will be a Return Delivery charge of 5€ for each and every such return.

Product within Greece will be delivered by the «SPEEDEX» courier company.  Goods will be delivered and handed over to the Customer upon signing of the Courier Company’s delivery receipt (and collection of any monies due if delivered via COD terms).  «absolute BOURNAZOS» reserves the right to use the services of other Courier Companies.




Subject to the availability of the product ordered the usual delivery times for delivery to mainland Greece, Crete and the Provincial capitals of all other islands is 3 to 4 days.  These delivery times are subject to weather conditions, strike action or cause majeure which may affect such delivery times.

Should a product not be available for immediate delivery you will be informed accordingly and in due time by our Customer Care Team.



Deliveries to addresses outside of Greece are made approximately within 7 days via HELLENIC POST (ELTA).

Category 1 Countries – A Delivery Charge of:

20€ up to 2 kilos

25€ up to 3 kilos

30€ up to 4 kilos

for deliveries made to addresses in the following countries:

Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey.


 Category 2 Countries – A Delivery Charge of:

28€ up to 2 kilos

36€ up to 3 kilos

44€ up to 4 kilos

For deliveries made to addresses in the following countries:

United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Andorra, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Ukraine, Iceland.

Category 3 Countries – A Delivery Charge of 55€ applies to deliveries made to addresses in the following countries:

Algeria, Egypt, Belarus, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, China, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, India, Mexico, UAE, USA, Russian Federation


Category 4 Countries – A Delivery Charge of 70€ applies to deliveries made to addresses to any country and / or territory not mentioned in the above categories.


The customer is responsible for the payment of the Delivery Charge. In case of return or replace the product, the shipping costs are at the expense of the customer.

For any other information regarding shipments and deliveries, please send us an e-mail to: e-shop@anastazibournazos.com.



«absolute BOURNAZOS» and its e-shop «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» offers its users the possibility of subscribing to a Newsletter and other marketing actions which will inform the user of new product arrivals, product promotions and other information linked to «absolute BOURNAZOS» which may be of interest to the user.

«absolute BOURNAZOS» undertakes not to use this service in an abusive manner.  The user always has the opportunity to decline to receive such information and can also, if he/she so wishes, delete their account from the «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» site at any moment simply by completing the appropriate request form.



Should a disagreement arise between «absolute BOURNAZOS» and the users and Customers of the e-shop «anastaziBOURNAZOS.com» in the first instance all attempts will be made to reach a satisfactory resolution between the parties following receipt from the User of the relevant written request.

Should it not be possible to resolve the disagreement in this way, then any disagreement will be resolved following recourse to the civil courts in Athens Greece.